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Famous Tomboy of Snowpoint City...Zoey!

Dream to be Top Coordinator...!

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Top Coordinator...It Hasn't Sunk In Yet~


April 7th, 2011

Zoey Application

A Talented Coordinator...!
Name: Zoey

Source Canon: Pokemon (Diamond & Pearl saga, sometime post-series.)

Age: Canon states that Zoey’s around 11 years old although she looks older.

Role In Canon: Dawn’s best friend/Rival on her own journey to be a Top Coordinator. She teaches Dawn how to grow and get stronger as a Coordinator, giving her great advice while also not missing a beat on her own training.

History: Zoey first appeared in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!, where her Glameow had returned Dawn’s choker to her as she noted that out of all the Coordinators there Dawn was the only one who wore anything that complimented it. When asked by Dawn how many Contests she’d been in, as both girls were beginning Coordinators, Zoey’s response was “Three Contests, 1 Ribbon.” (She’d earned said Ribbon by defeating Kenny and Prinplup in one of the aforementioned Contests.) Despite their differences in outfits, Zoey and Dawn quickly became friends as the former helped the latter get her hair done to prepare for the Performance round. (While Dawn wears dresses, Zoey tends to wear stylized suits.) Arrival of a Rival showed Zoey taking on Ash and Aipom and only narrowly beating him when time ran out, and then both her and Dawn were paired up to face each other at the Semi-finals. (Both had promised to face each other in the Finals, but the random pairings prevented that.) This Contest battle proves that at this point, Zoey was very talented when it came to showcasing her Pokemon’s abilities to her advantage and despite Dawn’s very good showing, Zoey was able to beat her and move onto the Finals where she defeated Jessie – disguised as Jessilina – to earn the Jubilife Ribbon. Dawn promised that she would get stronger and beat Zoey one day; Zoey stated that she’d take that as a sideways compliment before heading out.

The next time Zoey ran into her friends was in Buizel Your Way Out of This! She was trying to catch a Water-type Pokemon and finds Ash, Dawn and Brock near the river trying to catch a Buizel. Once found, Buizel made short work of Dawn’s Piplup, Zoey’s Glameow and even Ash’s Pikachu! A little later on, due to some words of advice from Zoey Dawn was able to catch Buizel after a near-lengthy battle. Zoey told the others to go on as she would stick around longer to catch a Water-type Pokemon while also returning fishing rods that Buizel had taken from other trainers. Zoey came back once again, though in a less than healthy circumstance, in A Stand-Up, Sit-Down! She’d gotten hurt while training for the upcoming Contest in Hearthome City – which Dawn was planning on participating in as well – and two of Zoey’s Pokemon managed to find Ash, Dawn and Brock. Brock helped mend Zoey’s sprained ankle at her campsite while at the same time she explained that the rules for the Hearthome Contest would be the same as the Grand Festival – a double performance and double battles. Zoey showed off a double combination with Glameow and Shellos, the Water Pokemon she’d caught at the same river Dawn had acquired Buizel at. When Jessie, disguised as Jessilina, showed up to lower Dawn’s spirits Zoey stepped in and defended her friend despite her injury. She even participated in a double battle against Jessie, and suggested Dawn watch her closely. Dawn did so, and she learned that even though Zoey was less than 100%, she was still a tough Coordinator to beat. Zoey stayed at the Pokemon Center to rest up her ankle for at least another day, but she did see her rival off first.

Zoey then met up with Dawn and the gang at the Hearthome Contest, ankle fully healed, in Dawn’s Early Night! Both Coordinators gave it their all, but unlike Zoey and a few others who’d passed the performance round, Dawn didn’t even make the cut! Zoey and Nando wanted to console her, who’d ran off crying after seeing the results, but Zoey said she just needed some time. Though Dawn wasn’t the only one to have a heartbreaking end to the Hearthome Contest, as Zoey lost to Nando in the Finals. Later on, both girls promised not to let these losses get them down. Zoey left the next day, as she was briefly mentioned in Tag! We’re It! but she did register Dawn for the upcoming Hearthome Tag team Battle to get Dawn’s confidence in herself back up. Zoey soon reappeared again in Throwing the Track Switch, being a major influence in Ash and Dawn trading Aipom and Buizel. (Zoey had mentioned back in Arrival of a Rival after discovering Ash had only entered the Contest because of his Pokemon that Dawn should raise Aipom.) She saw how much Aipom loved Contests, while in contrast she noted how much Buizel preferred battles. Ash and Dawn eventually agreed and traded their Pokemon.

Zoey was soon back on the road, as shown in Team Shocker!, watching Dawn’s performance in Solaceon at a Pokemon Center but it was evident that she wasn’t impressed with her rival like she usually was. The next day, much to Ash, Brock and Dawn’s surprise, Zoey had arrived at the Pokemon Center they were at; she woke Dawn up, told her to get up and challenged her to a battle – with Dawn using Ambipom based on her appeal. During the battle, with Zoey using Glameow, she explained where Dawn went wrong – while the Swift was very pretty, Ambipom was completely blocked from view! The whole point was to show off your Pokemon during their Appeals. Afterward, Zoey added that she’d chosen to pass on the Solaceon Contest after losing at Hearthome because she wanted to take the time to recharge, remember what was important, and get ready for the next challenge. She also noted that at the end of the day, Ribbons weren’t that important and she was sure she’d see Dawn at the Grand Festival. Zoey then returned to compete in the Wallace Cup, along with Dawn, Ash and a returning May! (She’d come all the way from Johto to compete, as the Wallace Cup was for Coordinators from every region and not just Sinnoh.) Zoey made fast friends with May and during the Wallace Cup was paired to face her in the Semi-finals; the winner would then face Dawn. Zoey did her very best, but ultimately lost to May and finished in the Top 4. She congratulated Dawn on finally earning her 2nd Ribbon and, along with Ash, Dawn and Brock, bid May a safe journey back to Johto.

Zoey appeared in Playing The Leveling Field!, facing off against the Hearthome Gym Leader Fantina but lost. Here it was discovered that Shellos helped her earn her 3rd Ribbon. She watched with Dawn and Brock as Ash had an impromptu 3-3 battle with Fantina but he also lost. When Ash and the gang finally arrived at Zoey’s hometown of Snowpoint City, in Classroom Training!, she was the first one to show them around before they met up with her childhood friend Candice – who was also the Gym Leader of Snowpoint City. (Zoey also calls Candice Ms. Senior, whereas Candice usually calls her Zozo.) Zoey, Dawn and Brock watched Ash and Candice’s 4-4 Gym battle in Sliding Into Seventh!, and once more in A Pyramiding Rage as the entire gang watched Ash’s rival Paul face Brandon. Zoey and Candice soon left at the end of the episode as the two of them were to have a battle. Both Zoey and Candice reappeared in Double Time Battle Training! as Ash, Dawn and Brock watched Zoey earn her 5th and final Ribbon. (It had been mentioned in Classroom Training! that both Dawn and Zoey had earned their 4th Ribbons but were just shy of getting the last one.) The gang celebrated with a victory party and the next day Zoey helped Dawn practice in a double battle which saw her emerge as the victor. Zoey’s last appearance was at the Grand Festival, catching up with Dawn at the Coordinators’ meet-and-greet as well as Kenny and Nando. Just like back at the Jubilife Contest, Zoey helped Dawn get her hair ready while she admitted that, like Dawn she was a little nervous herself since it was the Grand Festival. Both reminded each other that in the long run, their Pokemon were the stars. Zoey and Dawn both passed the Appeals round, and fought their way through various battles while supporting each other over the next few days. Zoey faced off against Nando once more in the Semi-finals, managing to etch out the win and earn a spot in the Finals. Zoey watched backstage as Dawn also won her Semi-final match. Both did their very best at the Finals, neither one holding back and it was clear that despite Zoey’s early lead the match could’ve gone either way. Time unfortunately ran out, and Zoey was only ahead of Dawn by a few points. As a result, Zoey was announced the winner and given the title of Top Coordinator.

Zoey and Dawn talked once more afterward, the former admitting to the latter that it was still sinking in that her dream had actually become a reality. Zoey explained that Candice was throwing a huge celebration in Snowpoint City, that she had to get back on the double and invited Dawn to come celebrate with her. Dawn thanked her but politely declined, saying that she had to cheer Ash on at the Sinnoh League. Zoey told her to cheer her very best, then wished her best friend/Rival well and headed out. (Zoey did make a cameo appearance in the 13th Pokemon movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions.)

Personality: A tomboy, as she has a tough demeanor at times along with a short haircut and her choice in Contest outfits are aforementioned suits, Zoey is very loyal to her friends but will have absolutely no problem giving them criticism when the situation demands it. However, if one of her friends is being mistreated, Zoey wastes no time in sticking up for them. Examples were shown in A Stand-Up, Sit-Down! where Zoey defended Dawn and battled in her defense despite her aforementioned injury, and in A Pyramiding Rage! with Zoey defending Ash after feeling that Paul had no right to talk to him in that manner; she also noted that she hoped Candice would wipe the floor with him in their Gym battle.

At first, Zoey had harsh opinions of people who participated in both Contests and Gym Battles, saying that Trainers who did that needed to make up their minds and stick to just one or the other. (The reason was discovered in Classroom Training! Both Candice and Zoey had made vows to become a Champion Trainer and Top Coordinator respectfully, and promised each other to follow their goals. As a result, Zoey initially looked down on people who did both as she had faced both Ash and Nando; both were competing in the Sinnoh League.) During the Wallace Cup, Zoey had come to realize that it was good to learn from both Trainers and Coordinators and she apologized to Ash for how harsh she’d been to him in Jubilife. Zoey’s also calm and collected when it comes to Contest performances and battles, including her own, though she’ll get excited when it comes to watching other Coordinators’ or Trainers’ battles, as shown when she watched Ash battle against Candice or most of Dawn’s battles.

Zoey also cares deeply for her Pokemon, as it was discovered when she was younger - also shown in Classroom Training! - that she'd first found Glameow while on her way to Trainers' school. She couldn't leave the Cat Pokemon alone, so she tried taking care of Glameow on her own; unfortunately her parents found out and told her she was too young to have a Pokemon. Though she was told to take Glameow to the Pokemon Center, another one of Zoey's traits is stubbornness as she refused to give Glameow up. When the Principal found out, Candice stood up for Zoey and she was allowed to keep Glameow on the condition that they both raised the Pokemon together.

The reason Zoey has such extensive knowledge regarding Pokemon and various types at her fingertips is mentioned above; her studying as much as she could about Pokemon before starting out her journey. It's part of why she can use her Pokemon's moves - or her opponents' Pokemon's moves - to her advantage during Contests, as shown in Arrival of a Rival! and her battle against Dawn in the Grand Festival. She's able to adapt to the situation quickly, and has turned the tide of Contest battles in her favor as a result with the exception of her battle against May during the Semi-finals of the Wallace Cup and her battle against Fantina. Despite her experience and knowledge, Zoey realized that both of them were just as good as she was when it came to raising, caring and training for their Pokemon.

Abilities: While Zoey has no specific abilities herself, she does have a team of well-trained Pokemon on hand who can use various attacks and she can tell when her opponents’ Pokemon have also been well-trained by carefully studying battles that she’s watched. Zoey’s team consists of her main Pokemon Glameow, Mismagius which had evolved from a Misdreavus, Gastrodon which evolved from Shellos, Lumineon, Leafeon, one of Eevee’s evolved forms and Gallade who had initially debuted as a Kirlia when Zoey practiced against Dawn after her 5th Contest Ribbon win.
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